August 25, 2012

ASSA shoot

This is a glimpse of Thursday’s shoot for ASSA, the provider of high quality security door locks. As the DoP, I’ve been planning the shoot together with director Johan Hedenskog for about a month. Me and my all-time favourite gaffer Jerker Berglin choosed XL Studios for their moveable overhead crane which would be the main feature in how to lit the bluescreen background, but also the way to lit the characters without having stands in the frame. You could say that everything was based on this setup.
When we got to the studio at 7am and started to bring out the gear from the trucks, it simply was not a welcomed surprise to notice that the overhead crane was out of function! The studio had not informed us about this major feature’s malfunction!
I’m not a negative person, but this was very very bad news for the shoot.
Me and Jerker Berglin came up with a plan B, which ended up looking almost as neat as the original idea. The consequences was that we had to order a new truck of lightning equipment (don’t ask about the cost) and we ended up three hours behind schedule.

Besides this, everything went perfectly! The entire crew was amazing, and my first camera assistant Michael Wirtberg really impressed me with his multitasking. The costume and make-up department made a stunning job with the actors, it was a pleasure to see how they finally turned out. The director Johan Hedenskog, from Morgenland, was a pleasure to work with, quick, smart and straight forward, as always.
The film was shot on Red Epic with Ultra Prime-lenses and it will be up for television in about a month.