May 27, 2011

Bye bye Björn

My previous experience of interns has been of a various satisfaction. They’re usually cute and neat, but sometimes not perfectly fitted for the bewildering daily routines of the PANGKLANG! business. This time was different, the kiddo was a blast! The dedicated youngster Björn Henriksson has been in my company for two weeks, assisting me at the shooting days in Gothenburg and helping me with all sort of things. With a constant diet of energy drinks the seventeen year old boy is able to run his own business of graphic design, be an active member of the student council and most important, the crazy kid is producing and remixing dubstep! The cute little kitten actually named a track after me (posted above), he told me that the structure of the track reminded him on me. It’s with a slightly sad voice I’m thanking Björn for two inspiring weeks together and reminding myself that a good bye doesn’t have to be an ever lasting farewell.