November 24, 2014

Cambodia shoot

Jungle fever! I just got back from a spectacular trip to Southeast Asia for a shoot together with the amazing dudes at Lillasyster! Me, the great producer Måns Lorentzen and Sweden’s most handsome director Mauri Chifflét (he also happens to be a super cool creative) boarded a 777-300 and flew to Phnom Phen, Cambodia for a three days shoot for the new intro/title sequence to Expedition: Robinson.

We struggled through misty rainforest, bumpy speedboat rides and were consequently attacked by fist-sized, vicious grasshoppers. But we also spend hours shooting on the most beautiful beaches, and even though you’re soaking in sweet, feeling jetlagged and your stomach suffers from the abstract ingredients of a fried rice-lunch, you have to admit that there’s nothing as wonderful as shooting in sunny Cambodia when Stockholm is psychologically devastated by a complete darkness.

Everything was filmed with the Sony F55-camera with the AXS RAW-recorder besides some UW-footage filmed with the GoPro Hero 4.