August 12, 2019

Cape Town shoot!

It’s certainly been a while since I updated this page. It’s been a hectic year, with loads of amazing shoots, a big step-up in representation (to ArtOfficial Agency) but most important, I am now a father! But this is not supposed to be a personal blog, so let’s get down to business.

Firstly, let me talk about the shoot I did for Dressmann in Cape Town this winter. I was asked to direct all films, but since my main role is that of DP I also wanted to be in charge of the camera work. The stills were taken by the fantastic Oscar Falk, whom I’ve been working with on numerous occasions before. We shot five films down there, but my heart pounded most for the Travel Suit. With the help of Farm Film, the most professional service company ever, we scouted A LOT of houses, in order to find the architecturally most interesting. Which we did. There was only one problem: The shower wasn’t what we were looking for, so we ended up building a new one outside. Overall, the shoot was carefully planned, which is key in productions with a large crew. I arrived in Cape Town a week ahead of the shoot and spent lots of time going through the details. Once we had our house, I spent an entire day there alone, listening to music in my headphones while exploring the light changes during the day. Same thing with the city shots; I was there on several occasions, for hours at a time, to find the most interesting framings possible.

The team was outstanding (as always in SA) and quite big, which is a necessity to shoot a film like this in just one day. We shot everything with Hawk anamorphic V and V-plus-series, except the zoom shots, which were filmed with the Angenieux Optimo 48-580mm anamorphic.

I haven’t directed for a while and I realized I’ve missed it. Seeing the aesthetic ideas that you’ve been developing and planning for a month finally come to life in the monitor, looking exactly like you visualized them, is a cool feeling!

Dressmann were really great to work with, I hope it happens again, and Farm Film was truly a blessing for me in this production.