January 30, 2018

Göteborg Filmfestival!

I’m on the train back to Stockholm, trying to summarize the weekend at the Gothenburg Film Festival 2018. I’ve had the most delightful days, from the opening ceremony and the screening of Gabriella Pishlers Amatörer, to the last film I saw just a couple of hours ago, Jesper Ganslandts heartbreaking Jimmie. I’ve met friends, colleagues and strangers, seen 14 shorts and 7 features from all over the world, I’ve been drinking wine, beer and vodka and I’ve had the most delicious food breaks at 7eleven. Being on a film festival is always intense for me, since I want to see as many films as possible, but still spend a lot of time on the events and parties. There’s so much to do, which always results in me returning to Stockholm with an inspired but very tired mind.

I have honestly seen so much good film that I barely can believe it. The Georgian/Lithuanian Namme (Zaza Khalvashi) was a beautifully shot story about a stream of holy water, known for it’s spiritual qualities, guarded by a dad and his daughter on the Georgian countryside.  The Wild boys (Bertrand Mandico) totally blew my mind with its experimental aesthetics (SEE IT!) and Jimmie (Jesper Ganslandt) touched me to the bones with its story about the four-year-old refugee Jimmie, fleeing Sweden. The Bergman revisited section was lots of fun, with the stunning Fettknölen (Jane Magnusson) and the glorious Bergmans reliquarium (Tomas Alfredson). Startsladden was a bunch of really outstanding cool shorts (best Startsladd in years) and the South-African The Wound (John Trengove), a story about homosexuality in a Xhosa community, will be with me for quite some time.

There is so much amazing film out there, I’m so happy that I have the time and ability to go to Gothenburg every year for the festival. By the way, if you can’t travel to the festival, they have a brilliant streaming service called Draken Film.