January 26, 2015

Gothenburg Film Festival

What a weekend! My bff Jonas Holmberg, the creative director of Gothenburg Film Festival, invited me over to join the launch of the festival, its screenings and parties. I always go to Gothenburg for the festival, it’s a tradition that keeps me alive in the coldest time of the winter and a great opportunity to refresh your mind with lots of inspiring films. This year was absolutely a blast!

On friday I went to the opening ceremony of the festival where Liv Ullman got the Nordic Honorary Dragon Award for her lifelong achievements in film. Afterwards me, Jacob Lundström, the editor of FLM, Jonas and director Andreas Öhman (who turned 30 that specific night!) hung out at the opening party. I also got a chance to see amazing Kate Boy performing a couple of songs at the after party. This night was no exception, it ended as always at the sky bar of Riverton hotel.

I was just there for two nights but I managed to see 6 features and 6 shorts. The research payed out, the chosen films was a good mix of genuin well-produced narratives and unconventional experimentals. The best film was a vietnamese film by Nguyen Hoang Diep called Flapping in the middle of nowhere, an aesthetically beautiful piece about a pregnant girl in the suburbs of Hanoi. The most inspiring, but yet absolutely unexplainable, was Godard’s last film, Goodbye to language. A total mindfuck and a playful experiment with 3D. It was actually the only film I’ve seen in 3D that did something technically cool, for instance when one of the cameras of the 3D-recording setup, panned away to film something else, so the image developed into a double exposed 3D-shot if you managed to keep your both eyes open, and to two separate shots, if you blinked with your eyes. Really stunning!

Another cinematograpically interesting film was Lucifer by the belgium director Gust van der Berghe. This film was round to its format which gave new perspectives to framing and camera movements. Interesting, but maybe not ground-breaking.
The best short was definately the one that also won the price for best short, John Skoog’s film Värn. A camera is calmly floating around in an abandon fortress, built by a defense-ambitious farmer in the war-times, while you hear local people express fragments about this farmer and his project.

I can’t express how proud I am to see this Jonas in his new tuxedo pants, making the film festival the most important film event in the northern part of Europe. Love you buddy!
My mission is to next year have a film that I shot at the festival, so if you’re a director and you need a cinematographer for you short (or feature), PLEASE call me!

Pics above:

1. Godard – Goodbye to langauge, see trailer here
2. van der Berghe – Lucifer, see trailer here
3. Liv Ullman, shot by amazing Maja Kristin Nylander
4. Kate Boy concert at Pustervik
5. Amigo Jonas Holmberg