November 15, 2013

Happy B-day Dasha!

Dasha Romanova, my beloved friend and muse, turns 23 today. As a parent it feels absolutely unreal.

It was three years ago that I struggled and suffered with my large-scaled experimental fashion film project The Weeks of Dasha. It all feels pretty distant today, I can’t really remember everything either, but for me that year was one of the most beautiful times of my life.

I remember the first Dasha-party at Berns, the summerparty at F12 and the absolutely awesome russian styled wrap-party in my own apartment. I look back at the time when the film crew went to Öland to film the summer episodes, where Ida filled the mini-van with eurodisco and we demolished my dad’s cabin with smoke for episode 28. I remember when Pari came up with this idea about Dasha’s painted piercing. I will never forget when I got contacted by international film festivals and when a big hotel in NYC asked for permission to screen the episodes on a building as a large outdoor projection. The late night correspondence with Andreas Båsk about Dasha’s diaries. And the translations to English. And then to Russian. Every week. For 52 weeks. I will never have words enough to thank everybody for what they did for The Weeks of Dasha. I have tried many times, but I usually fall into sentimentality.
I remember the first time Clara came to my apartment to shoot a test film. Our eyes met and Clara became Dasha from that point. My ambitions back then, about 10% of what it later became. A snow ball that grows larger as it keeps rolling. The wonderful feeling of holding a deadline 52 times. The struggle with everything, I mean EVERYTHING. The time, the non existing budget, the ambitions.

I will never ever forget the feeling by the end of the year. 52 episodes later and The Weeks of Dasha was about to come to an end. I won prices for the most innovative project, Dagens Nyheter put me on the list of people that culturally meant most for Stockholm in 2010 (position 24!). Dazed and Confused saluted Dasha and Russian e-magazines wrote long articles about the project.
The Weeks of Dasha came to the end by the last week of 2010. In the series Dasha left Stockholm.
It was three years ago now. It feels pretty distant, but still very close. Dasha will always be a part of me, just as her name is written on my arm.

Thank you Clara, Michelle, Andreas, Gorjan, Ida, Pari, Paula, Oskar, Albert, Johanna, Filip, Luca, Gustav, Rikard, Esther, Carita, Anna, Masha, Nikita and everyone else in the project!

Eight months after the project ended I released the book about The Weeks of Dasha and also the very popular Eau de Perfume In the Name of Dasha, inspired by Dasha and her story. This book and perfume is credited me, Andreas Båsk and Michelle Christiansen.