October 24, 2019

Ramverk – Falling

OK, I’ve been really excited to launch this new music video! Earlier this spring, I grabbed my camera, my new Atlas Orion anamorphic lenses and boarded the flight to Berlin. 

Down in Deutschland, I met up with director Emanuel Danneman and producers Hampus Norlander and Alex Sjödin, who had just left Hannes Bieger’s legendary studio where they had been busy mixing Ramverk’s track Falling, a fantastic piece of soulful techhouse and the very reason for my journey to Berlin. The band consists of Alex Maksic and Hugo Therkelson, both of whom just retired from a professional career as dancers at the Royal Swedish Opera.

While Bieger kept finetuning the mix, Emanuel and I went scouting locations for the following day’s shoot. I adore Berlin, but I still couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the interiors of our main location, Funkhaus, I turned into a puppy on speed.
W h a t  a  l o c a t i o n ! ! !

We were a small team, no gaffer, no grip, no FAD or SAC, jusy me, my FAC Nelson Smith and stylist Halla Farhat. I operated the Steadicam myself. Since we didn’t have the necessary permits, we shot it guerrilla the whole way through. But we didn’t harm anyone, and we didn’t litter or cut any locks so ethically I think we’re fine, and the only thing we left behind was a confused security guard who asked to see our papers after we had been shooting for a couple of hours inside the Funkhaus.
”But how did you guys get in?”
“Well… The door was open.”

These two days in Berlin were amazing. We had so much fun and being such a small crew made us flexible and open to whatever ideas came to mind. Emanuel edited the footage himself and his sense of rhythm is absolutely spot on, his passion for electronic music really shines through. The grading was made by Rickard Ahlbäck at The Line Stockholm. 

I love everyone involved in this project. THANKS for letting me be part of it! And the warmest and strongest love to Sophia Koistinen for making everything possible.