June 25, 2014

Iceland shoot

For several reasons I had to take a pause with updating this blog and different shoots went by during the spring and presummer without me reporting about them. Jesus Christ! There’s a lot of great stories and interesting experiences to share, so let me start with one of the most unconvential shoots that took place on Iceland a couple of months ago.

Me and Lena Jordebo took an early flight to Reykjavik about two months ago and I was excited like a child. This was my Icelandic debut, I had never before experienced the vulcanic lava fields or the erupting hot geysers. We went there in the name of Mai Zettering, the Swedish director that me and Lena is making a SVT-documentary about. Mai went to Iceland with her cinematographer Rune Ericsson (also the invertor of the format Super-16, for which he won an Oscar) to scout some locations and make some test filming. They came back home with beautiful footage and a lot of great ideas but for some reason this film never went into production.

Lena had this idea of traveling to Iceland and trying to visualize some of Mai’s ideas, even the most surreal ones. This was LOTS of fun, we just played around in the most beautiful of landscapes with my Sony F55 attached to a gyro gimbal (SC:Newton) and a smoke machine. It might have been the most surreal shoot ever, but it was absolutely one of the most creative and exciting ever. The result? I can’t say to much about it yet but let’s say it is..different. And in my world, different is good.