February 8, 2013

Karl Ove Knausgård

The documentary about the Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård has finally been released and broadcasted. The film is directed by Lena Jordebo and was mainly shot by the great DoP Sven-Åke Visén, but I also gave the film a PANGKLANG!-touch in the shoots we had in Spain and Norway. It was a pleasant thing to meet Karl Ove Knausgård, since I’ve read three of his books and knew pretty much about him. Me, Lena and Karl Ove had a good time together, filming in the cold but picturesque Arendal and drinking beer at Spanish tavernas in Barcelona and Segovia.
The film is carefully edited by Johan Bjerkner, and the music is produced by Lisa Holmqvist. I’m thankful to these two professionals for an absolute feeling for the footage and the content. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so satisfied by watching the final result, when it comes to documentaries. Lisa’s music is the ingredient that turns this film into something not just interesting and beautiful, but floating and hard to determine.
These things were also noticeable for Jens Liljestrand, culture journalist at Swedish newspaper Expressen. He writes:

Men bilderna! Kameran formligen smeker fram den skäggige norrmannen ur naturen. Knausgård som joggar på motorvägen, ensam genom ett snödimmigt Österlen. Knausgård som står i blåsten och blickar ut över det stormande havet. Som traskar runt i den norska vintern i öronlappsmössa. Som påtar i jorden, spelar gitarr, tänder en brasa, pratar kärleksfullt om sina kråkor och igelkottar.

Read the entire review here!

The talented Lena Jordebo impresses me with this documentary. Me and her have a special way of working together, it always takes place in a foreign country! We have been in New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bergen etc but we’ve never shot anything in Sweden together. I think we simply both love to travel quite much.

This film is available at SVT Play for another 27 days, see it here!

I also have to mention that my friend Malik Bendjelloul‘s film Searching for Sugarman, continues to conquer the world. Yesterday was time for the Brittish Bafta Awards, and Searching for Sugarman won the prize for “The best documentary”!
Congratulations, my beloved comrade!