June 5, 2011


The hipster guide to urban survival, the free monthly paper Nöjesguiden, is in their latest issue celebrating the stunning photographer (and friend of mine) Sima Korenivski, who is to be seen every night on different clubs on various venues, taking pictures of people drinking, dancing and kissing. Sima is not the only photographer that lets people making out in front of the camera, in the latest issue of S magazine there is an interesting interview with photographer and artist Ed Templeton, who catches teenagers sucking face on the streets. He started taking pictures of youngsters in the skater park in the mid 90th. Still a skater but 15 years older he is experiencing problems with pointing the cameras at kids and teenagers, the kissing kids never take notice, but the people around simply take him for a perv. Having his wife with him helps a lot, it sends a better message to the ones seing him shooting.

“Kissing is the acceptable form of sex in public, and sometimes it’s pretty hot. I love when I capture a couple and you can see a flash of tongue”

Relax, indulge, and take a look at this film. It’s made by Loris Pignoletti & Aldo Diberardino and it starts out just beautiful, but after a minute or two there is more to come, e.g. a priest.