November 25, 2011

Latino Love

Above: Still from fashion film/music video made for a song by John Paul Ospina. Film will be out early next year. This is how it happened.

I just happened to get a free ticket to a Bill Callahan concert sunday night. I just happened to stand alone at the bar for a while and it just happened that this mexican guy started to talk to me. I just happened to really like him and I asked if I could buy him a coffee next day.

It just happened that we sat down together at Kaffe and talked about life, love and creativity. I just happened to ask him if he was some kind of celebrity back home, and he said carefully “well, at least in Latin America I think I am.” It just happened that he loved my work and he then told me he was into music. We looked at each other and it just happened that we shared the idea.

I took a deep breath, then it all happened quite rapidly.

Gorjan-Pari-Agent Bauer-Elite models-Rent&Buy-Gorjan again-Auto Biluthyrning-Mikas-Stockholmsgruppen-Linda Gradin-Nisch Management-Ida Klamborn-Nitty Gritty-Therese Svenbo-Andre Kaliff-Mauri Chifflét-Kristin-Sofie Brandel-Nicole-Åsa-Tobias-Pavel-Lovisastudion-Jangir Maddadi-Gorjan again-AAAAHHHHHHHH

I just happened to get the most beloved team ever for the shoot! Everyone performed so high and the light that hit the sensor of the camera just happened to blew my mind away.

Director: Emil Klang @ PANGKLANG!
DoP: Mauri Chifflét @ Lillasyster
Stylist: Gorjan Lauseger
Hair: Sofie B @ Agent Bauer
Make-up: Therese S @ Agent Bauer
Assistants: André Kaliff, Åsa Ewaldh
Model: Nicole R @ Elite Models
Artist: John Paul Ospina
Production company: PANGKLANG!

Sometimes life is just very unexpectedly beautiful. Now I’m actually kinda tired.