March 24, 2016

LAUNCHED: Amanda Winberg – Shutdown

I was called up by talented Mr Chifflét and asked “ey amigo, wanna shoot a music video? pronto pronto!”
Once again the genuis team with director Mauri R Chifflét and producer Martin Sandin put their minds together. They gave me a brief about the artist, the song and the idea and we booked one of the largest studios in Stockholm and managed to get some really cool people in the crew.
The shooting was a hectic piece of adventure, I almost shot everything from a steadicam with heavy lenses and while shooting a scene I simultaneously had to brief my gaffer about the next. I can’t really understand how we managed to get as many different settings and looks in just one day, but that’s the wonderful fruit of a hard work – you’ll get great diversity of looks to edit. The video was edited by Mr Chifflét himself and then graded by Sebastian Guest’s skillful hands (and eyes) at Terassen.

Director: Mauri R Chifflét
Director of Photography: Emil Klang @ Magnolia Agency
1 st Assistant Camera: Anton Holm
Gaffer: Sebastian Shield
Best Boy Electrician: Anton Sjöberg
DIT: Niklas Larsson
Set Designer: Mido Lindholm
Production Assistant: Alex Eneroth
Stylist: Maggie Chinchilla
Stylist Assistant: Emelie Eriksson
Stylist Assistant: Johanna Spadaro
Makeup: Elvira Brandt
Makeup Assistant: Julia Finucane
Choreographer: Anna Ståhl
Choreographers Assistant: Hannah Ohlsson
Dancers: Paula Santa Eufemia, Kamilla Halid, Isabella Londos
Editor: Mauri R Chifflét
Grade: Sebastian Guest @ Terassen
Producer: Martin Sandin
Executive Producer: Henrik Lagercrantz

Production company: Social Club / Art & Poetic Reality
Video Commissioner: Nils Wester Litens (Universal Music/Creative Labs)

Camera: Sony F55 with RAW-recorder
Lenses: Canon CN-E 15,5-47mm, Canon CN-E 30-105mm, Arri Master Prime 32 mm.
Studio: Stockholm studios