February 11, 2015

LAUNCHED: Beckmans Fashion Collaboration – Scarlet Vice

Just before X-mas I was asked by the outstanding director Måns Nyman to collaborate on a film with students from Beckmans College of Design. We went out to the most weird diner to be found in Stockholm and together with awesome set designer Sara Wiklund from Magnolia Agency, we turned it into the place where two girls are having a late night meeting. I had the idea of shooting everything with a steadicam, even the dialogue parts, just to get a more unexpected movement of the camera, not too stable and perfect neither as shaky as a hand camera usually gets. I actually did operate the steadicam myself, and that was an interesting experience that I will dig into deeper, probably on a shoot later this winter.
The film is an interpretation of the brand Whyred, inspired by the works of Quentin Tarantino, Johan Renck and Jonas Åkerlund.
The girls behind the idea of the film, Caroline Andersson and Nathalie Hallman, were great producers in every single way. It was a tough 19 hour shoot but I actually haven’t had as fun for a long time, it was simply so inspiring to work with lots of talented and upcoming people.

Director: Måns Nyman
DoP: Emil Klang
Set Design: Sara Wiklund / Magnolia Agency
Gaffer: Anton Sjöberg
First Assistant Camera: Micke Wirtberg
Fashion designers: Caroline Brendov, Elin Ivre
Stylist: Timmy Oliviér Aulik
Stylist Assistant: Josefin Brandt
Make-up: Oscar Svensson
Hair: Jessica Lopez
Editing: Marcus Remberger
Online: Syndicate Entertainment
Music: Epidemic Sound
Sound Design: Daniel Nilsson / Beppo
Assistants: Frida Pettersson, Sebastian Örtengren, Greta Colloca, Isak de Jong, Erik Kölare