December 2, 2013

LAUNCHED: Dramaten Trailer – Nico – Sphinx of Ice

PANGKLANG! takes his first steps into the world of theatre!

I have been asked to participate in the making of a play at Dramaten, the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, Sweden. The play is called Nico – Sphinx of Ice and is a monolog inspired by Nico (the singer) and her complicated life. Fanny Risberg will play Nico and on stage she will be surrounded by video projections, as a part of the set design, and my job is to create something as artistic as possible for the projections. It’s a really big honour for me and I’ve been starving for an artistic project on the side.

The director is the multitalented Nadja Weiss, the set design is made by amazing Mikael Varhelyi and the sound/music is being created by very cool composer and artist Philippe Boix-Vives. And then it’s little me, Mr Klang. I’m obviously surrounded by very cool people in this project, and my ambitions is to make everything five times better over my capacity.
Some weeks ago I shot a trailer and a press photo for the play. It was a weird but good feeling to have a shoot inside of Dramaten’s stone walls, but it sure gave me a lot of inspiration. I hope you’ll like it!

The play will have its premiere in March 2014, but you can already get your self a ticket here!