October 31, 2013

LAUNCHED: Fjällfil

This is a pretty late update from me, since this film’s been running on television for about a month. But anyway – It’s time to launch the films I shot together with Oskar Bård and Hobby Film up in the northern parts of Sweden this summer! The client Fjällfil, a sour milk producer, has got a farmer that claims that his milk taste so abnormally great just because the cows love the sight of the mountains! We were up in Matsdal outside of Vilhelmina for about a week and shot a bunch of short films out of this idea, and I think the result is both beautiful and fun. Another great aspect of the production was to stay in a village without 3G for about a week. Instead we played cards and talked, and I had time to develop a close connection to both cows and mosquitoes.

Director: Oskar Bård @ Hobby Film
DoP: Emil Klang @ PANGKLANG!
Camera Assistant: Michael Wirtberg
Sound engineer: Lars Jamesson
Set design: Fredrika Ribbing
Producer: Ludvig Carlsson

The films was shot on Sony F55 with Canon CN-E Cine zooms

Production company: Hobby Film
Produced in summer 2013