July 30, 2012

LAUNCHED: Forget me

I’m still on vacation, but I just have to make an exception and blog about this. The song and video Forget me by John Paul Ospina is finally being officially launched!

The story is long…
By coincidence I ran into John Paul Ospina at a bar in Stockholm in November last year. We shared some drinks and decided to hook up the day after. We found each other creatively and got the idea to make a video for a song he recently had been written. The only problem was that he was just supposed to stay in Stockholm for two more days. I made a quick phone call to my beloved and favourite stylist Gorjan Lauseger, told him that I met a lovely latino at a bar and wanted to make a video for him the day after tomorrow. Gorjan asked me if I lost my mind, I said no and we decided to do it!

Sometimes you just have some great luck. In one day, I managed to get the absolutely best team ever, with make up-artist Therese Svenbo and hair stylist Sofie Brandel both from Agent Bauer. Gorjan Lauseger was of course styling, very talented Mauri Chifflét was behind the camera and we got the beautiful Nicole R from Elite Model as the model.

John Paul Ospina is living in Mexico and has been the host for E! News in Latin America for a couple of years. This is also the part of the world where the release if being focused, and from what I’ve heard it’s been a very positive feedback. In just two days we’ve reached 10.000 viewers on YouTube!
I wish my friend John Paul Ospina all the best of luck with this and his upcoming album!

Director: Emil Klang @ PANGKLANG!
DoP: Mauri Chifflét @ Lillasyster
Stylist: Gorjan Lauseger
Hair: Sofie B @ Agent Bauer
Make-up: Therese S @ Agent Bauer
Assistants: André Kaliff, Åsa Ewaldh
Model: Nicole R @ Elite Models
Artist: John Paul Ospina
Mix: Jonas Björne
Post: Emil Klang @ PANGKLANG!
Production company: PANGKLANG!