March 6, 2014

LAUNCHED: GANT – Ocean Academy

It’s finally time to present a new film that I shot for GANT. It was directed by Andreas Öhman known for feature films as I rymden finns i känslor, Bitchkram and Remake. We shot it far out in the Stockholm archipelargo during two sunny and funny days with the greatest crew from the production company Naive.
Read more about the shoot here!
The film was shot on Arri Alexa and with a vintage Cooke 18-100mm lens.

Director: Andreas Öhman
DoP: Emil Klang
Camera assistant: Michael Wirtberg
Producer: Sara-Lotta Grahn
Still Photographer: Sanna Dahlén
Editing: Robin Jonsson
VFX/Comp: David Nalci
Grading: Linus Kullman
V/O: Alexander Jeffery
Music: Upright
Production company: Naive