March 15, 2012

LAUNCHED: Grönstedts Cognac

The TVC for Grönstedts Cognac is out in the air! The past three weeks I’ve been on location, filming, so I have just been able to take part of the post production by distance. Brilliant Oskar Gullstrand at Naive did an absolutely stunning job with the footage and I’m very pleased with the grading. Skål!
The film was shot on Arri Alexa with a 16 mm Ultra Prime lens in all scenes.

CD: Johan Hedenskog @ Morgenland
AD: Petra Mude @ Morgenland
Producer: Tim Sajdak @ Morgenland
DoP: Emil Klang @ PANGKLANG!
Grading & Online: Oskar Gullstrans @ Naive
Music & Sound design: Ola Wilhelm Tappert @ Underton
Assistant Camera: Mattias Andersson Pallin @ Kameraten
Gaffer: Jonas Björne