June 4, 2013

LAUNCHED: Kate Boy – The Way We Are

It’s time to say hello to a new born child, a creature in the shape of a monochromatic conceptualist. Kate Boy is one of the most intriguing Swedish artists right now and it’s an honour for me to work with them again. As I mentioned here before, we shot this film a month ago and since then it’s been a time of editing, animating and grading. (Monochromatic grading that is). Kate Boy directed and produced this together with me and VFX master Oskar Gullstrand, a man with the not too common combination of great technical knowledge and a brilliant sense of style. When it comes to the shoot I have to salute the choreographer Sanna Blennow for bringing her visions to the film. The studio was just filled with this amazing crew, and I can’t mention everyone, but my beloved camera assistant Michael Wirtberg, the amazing make up artist Sandra Öjeland (Mikas) and the structured FAD Simon Mulk was some of them. In the name of creativity and give you my love!

For all DoP and directors out that, YES I know it’s a cliché to use a Briese HMI in the shot, but I don’t think you’ve ever seen a Briese light with a rotating light source! (A work of mr Michael Wirtberg, a screwdriver and a LED lamp).

To see the previous music video I shot for Kate Boy, see here Kate Boy – In Your Eyes

The music video was shot on Sony F55 and with a Canon CN-E 30-105mm lens.