October 15, 2015

LAUNCHED: Mavrick – Remedy

I got a call this summer from the amazing director and friend of mine Mauri Chifflét“Hola amigo, how about stop chillin’, I got a cool thing here in front of me”. It was a music video for a new artist called Mavrick, and this was supposed to be his debut release. I got the song mailed to me and BAM!!

My old vice for drum’n’bass got me again and I was absolutely struck by the song. Me and Mauri decided to flex our muscles in this and really make something cool.

With a slim budget and everyone’s working pro bono it’s difficult to organize a music video shoot and nothing would have worked out at all without the stunning producer Alice Ängeby. With her way of steering a ship nothing ever happens that unnecessary takes time, she is simply the first person trying to solve whatever comes up, and that with a gentle smile. On two sunny days we quickly moved around between locations and worked our way forward in order to get as much variated shots as possible.

I’m also happy that I got to use my new steadicam for this film. I really like the flexibility and quickness of shooting from a steadicam, even though some of the limitations are hard to work around. I will never become a real steadicam operator for sure, but for these kind of shoots it’s a really good benefit to know the basics of shooting from it. I’m so happy that everyone involved in this did such a great job, thanks to you all!

Director: Mauri Chifflét
DoP: Emil Klang
Producer: Alice Ängeby
Set designer: Oscar Gelinder
Gaffer: Wille Kyrk
Camera assistant: Anton Holm
Costume: Franciska Svensson
Hair: Elvira Brandt
PA: Elin Hägg
Grade: Emil Klang
VFX: Nicolas Chifflét

The film was shot on a Sony F55-camera with Canon CN-E PL-mounted optics.