April 30, 2014

LAUNCHED: NK – Haute Kosmetik Film #1

As a kid you had this surrealistic dream of being in a room made out of candy. Ginger bread walls, a rustic kitchen table with the taste of liquorice and a fluffy white bed made out of marshmallows.
Later on, as a teenager, you had this (not necessarily dirty!) vision of yourself at a party surrounded by the attention of the most beautiful girls in the world. (Sporty Spice, Kate Moss and Ebba Hultqvist).

Some years later you got quite sick of sugar. And girls, well they always left you and in the morning in a doubtful haze of CK One. Once again your point of interests makes some turns and the everyday addiction for a 30 years old random film maker like me turns out to be something else: Inspiring, talented and creative people! I can’t get enough of them!

In this case I found myself at Delight Studio with a team that literally could turn a horse shit into a diamond. Every single person in that room was a true unique creator, I can’t really remember being surrounded by that number of really cool people. The client Nordiska Kompaniet and the agency Garbergs (super skilled Johan Wilde & Evelina Nevréus) had this idea of creating four really inspiring beauty looks for a new campaign called Haute Kosmetik. To their help they had the most stunning makeup artist Ignacio Alonso and the amazing hair stylists Linda Shalabi and Erika Svedjevik.

The still photographer for the campaign was Benjamin Vnuk, a great and crazy-talented guy that I briefly knew through friends. I was asked to shoot some films around this and there was this fun idea of attaching Go Pro-cameras to the models, in order to follow the progress of making the looks. But to leave my Sony F55 back home was not an option, I wanted to mix the footage of the Go Pro‘s with the F55‘s to get some more dynamic and narrative to it.
This is how the laces look turned out! To see the other films you simply have to wait a couple of days.

I also want to thank lovely Helena Modin and Eugénia Hildestrand at Miine for this opportunity.

Director, DoP & Post: Emil Klang
Make up: Ignacio Alonso
Hair stylists: Linda Shalabi, Erika Svedjevik
Still Photography: Benjamin Vnuk
Agency: Garbergs
Production company: Miine