October 3, 2014

LAUNCHED: Pojken med Guldbyxorna

Breaking news! The Swedish feature film Pojken med guldbyxorna, directed by Ella Lemhagen, is up and running on cinemas now but I haven’t got the time to blog about my participation in it. It was me and the groundbreaking creative dudes at Naive that shot the prologue for the film with some help of some patience divers. I LOVE to work with Naive, a production house that pushes the limits in every film the produce. They have an extraordinary sense of style and aesthetics and I never have to worry about edit or grade, I know that what I shoot will be in the hands of professionals.

Directors: Oskar Gullstrand & Robin Jonsson
DoP: Emil Klang
Gaffer: Anders Hedqvist
Editing: Robin Jonsson
Compositing: David Nalci
Projektkoordinator: Cornelia Möller
Producer: Sara Stjernström

Produced by Naive in 2014