June 1, 2015

LAUNCHED: Regissören – En film om Mai Zetterling

I’m proud to announce that the documentary that I’ve filmed for over two years finally has been released and screened on TV. The film goes by the name Regissören – En film om Mai Zetterling and is obviously a film about Mai Zetterling, the great Swedish film maker that directed classics suchs as Älskande par and Flickorna.
The film is directed by Lena Jordebo, and we go a long way back together. We have been traveling together to the US for years making short pieces for SVT’s Babel and we have also been filming together on her documentary about Karl-Ove Knausgård. I love working with Lena, she’s a very talented director and she gives me freedom and space to express her ideas visually. We have been filmling this documentary for about 2 years, meeting different people close to Mai, in France, England, Iceland and Sweden. The music is made by the very talented Lisa Holmqvist and the film is edited by the subtle genius Johan Bjerkner. It’s rare that I find my footage being is such good care as in the hands of Mr Bjerkner.

When Lena presented the project for me I was surprised, Mai’s film Nattlek from 1966 was a darling for me since I saw it on television in my teens. I had the DVD’s of both Nattlek and Flickorna at home but still I didn’t know to much about Mai at all, compared to the amount of information everyone shares about for instance Bergman or Widerberg. Mai Zetterling and her importance for Swedish film has without a doubt been increased thoughtout history, by critics, journalists and experts. This has been the consequence of being the first director in Sweden of another sex than male and it’s so sad that this have led to a lack of knowledge about Mai Zetterling today.
Hopefully this documentary will make some change. See it, god damn!

See the film at SVT PLAY !

Director: Lena Jordebo
DoP: Emil Klang
Editor: Johan Bjerkner
Music: Lisa Holmqvist

The film was shot with a Sony F55-camera with Canon PL Cinema zooms