May 21, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I was asked to make the films for Samsung’s web campaign of their new Smart TV, that you actually control with your voice or by using your hand movements. Since the campaign contains of eight films that you personally interact with, there is no actual narrative from a to z, but of course I have made a rough cut and put some of the films together.

Since I directed the film, I could not shoot it as well. Finally there was a good reason for me to work with my friend and colleague Johannes Helje, a true pro when it comes to Arri Alexa. Never before had I met the gaffer Jerker Berglin, a big man with a small beard and a great mind. Love at first sight! We were a quite big crew of 20 people and I really want to thank everyone for a great work and an inspiring fighting spirit.
Hi Blog, Power off!

Director: Emil Klang @ PANGKLANG! and Hobby Factory
DoP: Johannes Helje
Gaffer: Jerker Berglin
Coordinator: Karolina Bengtsson
Set designer: Emma Madsen
Stylist: Ilona Hansson
Hair & Make: Pari Damani @ Agent Bauer
Music & Sound design: Ola Eliasson
Agency: Greatworks
Production company: Hobby Factory