April 1, 2013

LAUNCHED: Sourz presents Axel Boman

Studio Barnhus is a well known collective of house music composers and DJ’s in Stockholm. My friends at Opacity STHLM invited me to shoot a part of a campaign for Sourz. Three DJ’s/composers from different parts of Europe will exclusively contribute with their music to the campaign, and then it’s up to anyone to remix these songs to something even cooler, and by that get the possibilitiy to win some money.

We found Axel Boman in the basement of an old house at Barnhusgatan. He explained his visions about his music and I managed to arrange some pretty nice shots of him.
We had a nice time in the studio but in the afternoon we also needed a short take of Axel on the train.

We went out with the metro in the rush hour (not recommended) without permission (not recommended) and suddenly the carriage was filled with an uncountable number of kids aged 10 (not recommended) on their way back from a school excursion. Far out in the suburbs of Stockholm we finally got ready for the take. But when I trigged the record button on the Epic it crashed.
Reboot. Crash. Reboot. Crash…

The Epic simply died in my arms, and even though I don’t believe in reincarnation, I have to say that this was not the first time. The Epic is simply not always too reliable, and this is something most of us DoP’s know and have in mind when we select a camera for a shoot. If you’re having a location shoot with hard conditions, this camera might not be the best choice.
But as usual, there’s always some kind of solution! In this case we had a bit of luck. We had a still photographer with us and she shot on 5D. Not perfect, but we will at least get something! So there is one clip in the film shot with 5D not Epic, and I think that we all can see that difference between the cameras.

The next day I got a call from the rental firm that told me that a pretty big piece of wood had got stuck inside the ventilation opening and the camera was suffering of heating issues. Not from our shoot though!

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The film is MAINLY shot on Red Epic with Canon EF glasses.