April 17, 2015

LAUNCHED: Spotify Business – Story Hotel

We all have Spotify running in our ears, on the bus, at home and at the gym. But Spotify is not only for private purpose, it’s also a music providing service that restaurants, museums, shops etc uses to give their clients a custom-made selection of great music that fits their approach. This is called Spotify Business and the company behind is Soundtrack your Brand. For some time they’ve been uploading really interesting case interviews with cool companies that uses Spotify Business, but this time they wanted to do a film! And when it comes to films, it happens that I end up as the guy. (Lucky me!)

They wanted to make a neat little film about Story Hotel and their creative manager Chris Thompson and his and the hotel’s approach to music. I got some help with the interview by Gavin Maycroft and during shoot I got a helping hand from my awesome friend Joakim Troue, but besides that I’ve been doing tutti baletti by my self. This kind of one man orchestra usually doesn’t suit me to well, but in this case it was the only way to do it, and it was actually pretty fun to edit and grade it by yourself! To edit your own footage gives you a great knowledge as a DoP, a better idea of how your shots works in the post. And when always shooting in RAW or LOG it’s pretty interesting to spend some hours to experiment in grade, something you never have the time to do at a post house.

The music in the film is provided by Ingrid, thank’s a lot! Tomorrow there’s a Ingrid-party at Story Hotel (the film will be screened), so come by and have a glass or two. I need to go to Norrköping for an art film shoot, so sadly I can’t join.

The film was shot on a Sony F55 with Canon PL Cinema Zooms.

Director and DoP:
Emil Klang

Music from the record label Ingrid
Produced by Soundtrack your Brand and PANGKLANG!