May 16, 2011

LAUNCHED: Visibly Clear

The curiosity is overwhelming! Two weeks ago I directed two films for the renowned skincare brand Neutrogena and today the first film is being launched! The campaign, a collaboration with MTV and Friends, encourage us all to send digital compliments to our friends. Do it HERE!

The best things come in pairs and the true talents is this piece of work are undoubtedly the young actresses Fanny Klefelt and Dea Rasol. During the casting process these two girls totally blew me away, Fanny gave the bored adolescence a new face and Dea simply threw the script away and started improvising. They never met before but ten minutes later they were hugging and chatting with a vocabulary that excluded me from the conversation (and the room). The best way to act as a teen is to be a teen, respectless, saucy and truly adorable.