February 18, 2013

LAUNCHED: W&I – Love Divine

A couple of weeks before X-mas I was asked to make a teaser for the Swedish band W&I‘s debut EP. Of course I didn’t have the time to direct and produce a film at the busiest time of the year, but still I couldn’t turn it down either. The song just stuck in my head. I also had this foggy vision for a film that I wanted to try. Something about an ancient goddess, escaping from her dark cave in order to return to the world with a strobed dance.

I got in touch with the great stylist Natalie Olenheim, I told her about the idea and she succeeded to find the most amazing pieces. I also got the chance to finally work with hair- and make up-artist Sandra Öjeland. Together with these lovely girls we found our way to create this vision of the young elder-lead waking up after a long sleep, and I’m very satisfied about the result. There’s something hard to define about her that I like.
The shoot was pretty intense and the set lightning was quite advanced, since the eight LED-lamps that surrounded the singer had to flash in a perfect balance with the BPM. Without the support of talented Kim Silfving Hellström, I wouldn’t have made it.
I actually edited and graded this film by myself as well.It took some time, but sometimes your babies are simply to beloved too be put in a kindergarten!

Sandra, the singer, wears pieces from Stylein, Minna Palmqvist and Ashley Austin/Muuse. The sunglasses are from Altewai.Saome.

The film was shot on Red EPIC and with Canon EF Lenses.