February 5, 2016


It’s finally time to launch the video for YAYA‘s debut single Bad Girls! It’s a quite unconventional vision that YAYA pitched for me, but I loved the idea to cut down the song into parts, and to give every part it’s own look and expression. It is very much a case study in light and since that happens to be one of my favourite interests I enjoyed shooting this a lot. I got some very good help from gaffer Wille Kyrk and camera assistant Anton Holm. YAYA and the director Philip Ljungström was certain about their idea in every step of the process and I love to work with people with such strong integrity. To really stand for an idea is key when you want to create something different. I’m always in the situation where people say

“Let’s shoot some b-roll here, or some extra shots of this, I don’t know if we gonna use it, but it’s always good with some extra footage…”

and sometimes that’s a good and needed mentality (especially for a documentary), but I also love to work with directors that know for certain what will be used and not, even before we take a first step on the set!
I hope you all like this as much as I do. It was shot on Sony F55 with Canon CN-E Zoom lenses with the use of a steadicam and a lot of nice lights.

Bad Girls is YAYA´s debut single.
Written, produced and recorded by YAYA.

Director: YAYA / Philip Ljungström
DoP: Emil Klang
Colorist: Emil Klang
Camera assistant: Anton Holm
Gaffer: Wille Kyrk
Assistant: Amanda Henriksson
Choreography: YAYA
Stylist: Selam Fezzahaye
Make up: Michaela Jobark