February 20, 2014

Let me talk about Daniel Wirtberg

Today it’s time to salute my friend and colleague Daniel Wirtberg for winning the prize for best music video at the Swedish Grammis Award 2014! His three videos for Jenny Wilson‘s brilliant album Demand the Impossible! are absolutely outstanding in every way. I am just impressed and amazed. When it comes to aesthectical visions, Daniel has a unique way of creating an atmosphere in hos films that is rarely to be seen elsewhere. These music videos for Jenny Wilson are filmed with an old S-VHS camera, a decision with one thousand cons. It sounds crazy in these days of digital perfectionism and possibilities to create looks in post, but his strong idea about this S-VHS camera forced the video towards this look they now have. And honestly, flexibility in post is key when you don’t know what you do on set, but if you’re certain about a look from start, then it’s better to try to create that in camera than afterwords.

Another film of Daniel Wirtberg and Jenny Wilson that everyone have to see is Beyond that Wasteland. Probably the most beautiful short film I’ve seen in the past years. Jenny had just started her treatment for breast cancer when they decided to go to Iceland to shoot a film about just that. Cancer. And the struggle to take control of the disease. I might mistake me, but I think he shot that film on Super-16.

There is also Michael Wirtberg. He’s been my camera assistant at several shoots, but he is also Daniel’s brother and was deeply involved in these films. He is the best film crew member a production can have and he shares a beautiful personality. His only drawback is his pretty lousy moral when it comes to chess.

Once again, cheers for one of the most interesting directors we have here in Sweden – Daniel Wirtberg! And cheers for one of the most interesting artist there is – Jenny Wilson!!