April 9, 2015

Magnolia Agency

Today I’m on set dressed in bow tie and jacket, the reason – it’s finally official that Magnolia Agency now represents me!! This is VERY cool since Magnolia Agency, with its focus on professional film production, represents some of the best creatives in the business. I’ve kept an eye on them for a long time and been waiting for the day that I might fit in the group. And BAM! today that is! And WHAM! this will be a big step forward! And POW! this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

But it’s important to stress that I want to keep everyone of my dear clients that I work with today, so please don’t hesitate or worry that this will change anything major when booking me. This is absolutely a win-win for everyone!

This is my beloved agents:
Nadia El-Zein Klahr – 0707-576067
Lollo Urbansdotter – 0705-442045
Johanna Albinzon – 0703-576717

So ladies and gentlemen, from now on you’ll find me here!