January 23, 2014

Marlene video shoot!

This Monday I hooked up with some friends to make a music video for Marlene‘s next release. It’s a great song and I’m sure it will be a great hit! Oskar Engström, that I shot the Kate Boy-videos together with, was directing this little piece as well, and I really like to have him as a creative partner, and to visualize his amazing ideas. Marlene was a true star in front of the camera, and that makes things pretty easy for me, she nailed shots that you normally have do retake for 10 times. With us on set was the multitalented Stefan Storm (The Sound of Arrows), just to support and give us a help. Stefan is an old and great friend of mine, and once I shot a video for his previous band as well, see it – here! If you don’t know Marlene and her music, have a look at her previous hit single Bon Voyage!