January 2, 2013

до свидания москва

I’ve been in Moscow for two weeks now. I am totally in love with this huge city, it just never stops to amaze me. Unfortunately I have to go back to Stockholm tomorrow, but I know that this is just the start of a long time relation with this country. And as much as I love Парк культу́ры I also miss the refreshing daylight flourescent at the PANGKLANG!-office. In order to make a movement your feet needs to be placed apart from each other.

I end this with a poem by Pushkin!

The storm covers skies with darkness,
Spinning snowy whirlwinds tight;
Now it wails like a beast wildest,
Now it cries like a week child.
Let us drink, o comrade dear
Of my youth, so poor and hard, –
‘Gainst our woe; is a cup here?
It will cheer the saddened heart.