August 7, 2013

Name the Pet!

Name the Pet is back! It was 4 years ago she released her debut album and now she’s finally back with the single So Slow, a melancholic dance song about being in love without being loved. Hanna aka Name the Pet is a beloved friend of mine, so she asked me to shoot the video for So Slow, and I didn’t hesitate for a second. There’s not to many things as inspiring as to take a beautiful song that you really adore, and to turn it into a video. Hanna got the talented fashion photographer Hedvig Jenning into the project, as a director. I don’t want to spoil to much of the idea but there’s a modern dance take over it all, created by the stunning choreographer Carima Neusser. We shot everything indoor in an old, concrete building, soon about to be teared down. Hanna was performing extraordinary, I haven’t seen her in front of the camera since I directed one of her old videos, back in 2009. Hanna is one of the coolest but still kindest persons I know, and she’s a such a great artist, I can barely wait for the album to be released later this fall. With us on set were a lot of talented girls – I was actually the only guy in the film team! It’s sad to say that it’s something I’ve never experienced before. To let more women step behind the camera is a necessary and good turn for the industry to take. Way to go!

Everything was shot on my Sony F55 with the amazing Canon CN-E PL-zoom glasses that I love so deeply that I probably will marry one day.

Director: Hedvig Jenning
DoP: Emil Klang
Choreographer: Carima Neusser
Stylist: Josefine Skomars
Set design: Disa Braunerhielm
Hair stylist: Elin Eriksson @ Agent Bauer
Make: Veronica Lindqvist @ Mikas
Producer: Hedvig Myhrman

The video is expected to be released in September 2013.