August 4, 2014

New director’s monitor

The summer vacation is over and to be honest, it feels pretty good to let go of sunny siestas and the shallowful charm of Chablis. I just want to go back to work and feel the energy that surrounds a film set!
There is really A LOT of cool things going on right now, and if everything goes as planned, this fall will turn out pretty interesting…

To start this fall in the best way I expanded the PANGKLANG!-kit and bought myself a little buddy that will be in great help for all the directors that I work with. It’s a wireless monitor with handles and a neck strap, which makes it easy for you to walk around with the monitor hanging from your neck. This is extremely useful since directors ALWAYS need their hands for everything else then carrying a monitor. The monitor is not just a monitor but a 7,7″ DP7-PRO OLED from SMALL HD, an awesome piece of technic with a true black point and build in 3D-LUTs. Sunny? Don’t worry, it comes with a great sunhood for outdoor shooting.

With this setup a director or client can see what I see, in realtime (4fps delay) and without cables. Pretty convenient!