June 13, 2012

New office!

After four years of renting office space from Nitty Gritty on Krukmakargatan it’s time for a change! I can recall the taste of every lunch restaurant available in the area and I know the cracks in the pavement by heart. Some weeks ago I signed the contract for a neat little place, a former book store, on Tavastgatan, Mariaberget.
Me and my partner-in-crime, stylist Gisela Rydberg, will share the place together, as we have done at Krukmakargatan the past three years. After weeks of carpentry and repainting we will move in on the first of July. I CAN’T WAIT!

This spring and summer has definitely been a big step for me and the PANGKLANG!-business. New company, new office and new clients. The only interior that has been around for time is the heart of it all, my self. But with a pair of new shoes and a pre-summer tan even I feel as a newborn.

It’s now six months since I launched the Testarossa-phase and I couldn’t in my wildest dreams imagine that all these things would happen this rapidly. It’s definitely worth some struggle to get rid of all the hazzle!
The Testarossa has been on service and recond all winter and spring. In August, when the trees seems less saturated and the moon appears as gigantic over the Stockholm skyline, it will be the time to finally start the new polished Testarossa and go for a ride. Yet I don’t know where it will take me, but the turbo motor and expanded gas tank will make it possible to go far in no time.