May 7, 2013

New shoot for Kate Boy

First of May should be a day to show respect to the working class’ struggle for better conditions, by having a day off and maybe join a demonstration. But this year the red flags were exchanged for white walls and black fabric since I found myself in a white painted studio together with the most inspiring and creative people I know in Stockholm. It was time to shoot a new video for the amazing Swedish/Australian band Kate Boy!

Some months ago I shot their second video, In your Eyes, and it became a big hit. This time, the creative souls of Kate Boy, Oskar Gullstrand and me put our minds together and came up with something pretty different and visually interesting.
According to the picture, my assistant Michael Wirtberg had to attach a screw driver to the arm of a C-stand at the back of a HMI Briese light. Why? I can’t tell, but the video will, and it will be out there in just a couple of weeks!
The day was absolutely great. We had time to think things through and to invent things we didn’t really planned. A rare and delicate thing on a set.

In respect of May 1, I have to sum it all up, and rate the conditions of the shoot.
Working hours – 08.00-22.30. Pretty long day.
Pay – 0 :- Well..
Environment – The same song played in 200% for about 100 times.
Benefits – There was food and candies all day long!

Hm, I guess it’s pretty obvious. The union would go nuts for these conditions. But the great thing is that I’m working as my own union, and I call this day one of the best!