March 8, 2015

Rädsla Urholkar Själen at Stockholms Stadsteater

I am very happy to release the news that I’m back in the delicate world of fine arts, being involved in the making of another play for the theatre. A year ago I made all the creative visuals to Nico – Sphinx of Ice at Dramaten, and it was one of the most exciting jobs ever. The awesome director Nadja Weiss (currently present with the critically acclaimed Mannen utan minne at Dramaten) ask me to join the team for her next play, Fassbinder‘s Fear eats the soul (Rädsla urholkar själen). It is such a great and important film, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I am making all the creative visuals for the play, and they have a pretty important role of the scenography. I was also asked to shoot the press photo for the play as well (very cool to work with such a star as Malin Ek) and I’ve seen that they’re already printed it and that it’s now covering the walls of Kulturhuset, Stockholm. The play will have it’s premiere the 7th of May, and you can already buy tickers here!