August 10, 2012

Searching for Sugar Man

I got to know Malik Bendjelloul four years ago in a studio at SVT where we worked together with a title sequence for a new TV show. In the almost complete darkness Malik started to talk about an idea he had for a documentary, about a musician in Detroit that had lived all his life without the knowledge of his superstar reputation in South Africa. As the time passed, Malik and I became closer friends and the documentary slowly started to move forward. I went to a meeting with the Swedish producers, since Malik had me in mind as the DoP, but for different reasons it ended up with the wonderful and very talented Camilla Skagerström behind the camera. (Great choice)

The years went by and Malik worked full time with the film, without earning a dime. All of a sudden everything just happened, Simon Chinn (Man on Wire, Project Nim) signed in as the producer and the film got the chance to open the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where it also won the Audience award and the Special Jury prize.

Woody Allen
, Bob Dylan and Michael Moore is a short selection of people that have been praising the film, and the list of festivals where the film’s been given prizes is too long for my blog.

Finally it’s time for Sweden, Searching for Sugar Man had its Swedish premier at Way Out West yesterday night! Unfortunately I couldn’t be there but I will definitely go the the red carpet premier in Stockholm later on this month. This is a film everybody must see, seriously!

And for those who wonder, I actually had a minor part of the film as well. In the intro there is a small scene that me and Malik shot in a basement three years ago. Nothing to brag about but at least it gave me a name on the credit list!

Very big gratulations to my beloved friend Malik Bendjelloul, you’re a creative genius and I can’t think of anyone that deserve this more than you. Also strong gratulations to DoP Camilla Skagerström who made an excellent job with this film!

See the trailer here!