March 3, 2013

SONY F55 & Canon 30-105 mm Cinema lens

The first cup of coffee in the morning. A pink tinted sunset. The first time you kiss a girl.
And there are also the moment when you get the brand new Sony F55 out of the box and gently touch its solid metal surface with your fingertips, and you hear yourself moaning softly of satisfaction.
This camera is fucking amazing! Yesterday I was out making some test with it and the footage blows my mind away, the S-log2 gamma curve is from heaven sent. Besides its ability to shoot in 4K and up to 60 fps in RAW (and later 240 fps in 2K RAW), its global shutter and its enhanced color gamut, the camera seems so well built and stable. The OLED viewfinder is high res and very sharp.
Such a beautiful camera needs a good looking partner to dance with. I took the chance of buying a really cool lens, the Canon 30-105 mm T2.8 Cinema zoom with PL-mount. This lens is totally fucking amazing! I do prefer primes to zooms, but I needed the option to be flexible and fast for some upcoming shoots I have in front of me.
With this gear I’m able to step up and shoot more and better! And I’m just about to start, me and the gear are busy now for two weeks with a location shoot outside Stockholm!