August 3, 2017

Svartsjön 2!

Big news from Sweden! I can confirm that I will be the DoP for the first 4 episodes of the second season of Svartsjön. I have worked with the preproduction full time since June and in a couple of weeks we’re ready for the first slates. My director is Richard Jarnhed, a senior storyteller out in the fingertips, and considering the current bromance we might get married by the end of the project.

I am happy to spend the upcoming months with this drama series, it is such an interesting story to visualise, with lots of moody mysterious moments, heart-pulsing hallucinations and severe sufferings in the sun. I can’t reveal to much of the story yet, but will surely keep you posted. This will more or less keep me busy until mid October.

The 4 last episodes will be directed by Per Simonsson and shot by Nicklas Karpaty. Lotta Westberg from Jarowskij is producing. See the first season for free here!