April 22, 2011

The birth of PANGKLANG

There once was a small little cartoon fellow named Firum, stumbling across the streets of Stockholm. Without legs he rolled, but with a body the shape of a pyramid, it sure looked spectacular. He made his way forward with an indefatigable force of keeping himself moving. He crossed subway rails and highways, never giving the traffic robots a glance. Only once did he stop his conspicuous journey, right outside the great castle, Skeppsbron, he suddenly heard a familiar sound, the voice of his one and only love – PulliMulli. He did consider the choice of saying hi, but deep inside his pyramid body, close to the dark inner chamber, he recalled the past and the grief that had kept him imprisoned for such a long time. Firum convinced himself that it was for the best to keep rolling, or bumping if that’s a better discription of the physical movement he performed. Quickly he tattooed the name of his one and only love, PulliMulli, on his torso (the upper, front side of the pyramid) as a reminder that the past is history, worth to remember but necessary to put behind. He then kept stumbling forward, both in time and place. He decided that everything needed to change, his name, his pyramid body, his bad habit of always sticking his tounge out to people that annoyed him.

He crossed two rivers and went up a hill – reaching his destination in a total different shape and with a total different name.

This is the true story of how PANGKLANG was born and most important, why he/she/it was born.