August 2, 2011

The elevator bridge

A few days ago I went for an adventure journey expedition together with Morgenland and Lillasyster. In six days we went from Stockholm to London to Rotterdam, trekking around the cities to explore some urban communities and catch it all on celluloid. We produced three commercial films for the dutch shoes brand Goliath, and even though the films are all about these communities, my memories from the exciting trip are vague fragments: different airport gate areas in dawn light, military flight cases and thin white cigarettes with the logo VS, all repeatedly appearing in front of my eyes. The best thing was Rotterdam and the people from the Mesh Print Club, their creativity and generosity inspired me a lot. Witte de Withstraat was certainly the place to be, and so we were, Bazar, Oliva, White Monkey.
Taking a car ride around Rotterdam was a historical lesson in progressive post war architecture. My eyes expended as we passed the one building after the other that all spoke for the Rotterdam working class residents will to bring back the dutch soul to the town. The nazis sure could bomb the city town to particles, but the dutch reconquered it and today it stand there in all its bloom and beauty.
All of a sudden we passed a metal structure, a skeleton in the sky, it was called “De Hef”. The elevator bridge paralyzed me for a while. An elevator bridge. Can it be more beautiful, seriously?
I closed my eyes and imagined Eniko Mihalik together with Agnes from Nisch Management, wrapped in something very red and very see-through. They were standing just still, like they always do, with just the fabric moving and shifting forms in the wind. They were trapped there, with platforms and metal bars around them, and with a purpose to find the balance within. The elevator was moving up and down, as the girls made progress, the bridge was as always, a place for connection, between two countries, two girls and two brain halves.
Later on that night I danced wildly in wooden clogs and with a tulip in my mouth.