May 2, 2012

The film that died in my arms

Some of you might have wondered what I actually did in Eskilstuna the other month. Well.. I can’t really talk about it…

I was asked to make a film for one of the major telephone operators in a campaign with a famous Swedish pop band, who were just about to release their new album. The shoot went great but it sure was different, all of a sudden I found myself on a balcony of a seventh floor suburbian concrete house. Luckily the residents hospitality was just from heaven sent, as was the beautiful plum-coloured sunset that embraced us. A week later we could see the final result, and it was just over the treetops! I couldn’t wait to release this out to friends and colleagues. But..
The campaign was centered to an app, and, from what I’ve heard, this app struggled with some technical difficulties and could therefor not be released in time. The life cycle of this film was short and hectic, the remnants will stay in my computer for a while but it will never see the daylight. Boo fucking hoo.

The still on top will be the only thing you’ll ever see from this film.