January 11, 2013

The importance of GOLD

I’m back in Stockholm after a long stay in the most beautiful city – Moscow. My frequent visits to Russia has broadened my perspective and I’ve learned several things, all of different values. Besides my ability to read the cyrillic alphabeth and to determine what label of Vodka that’s presented, just by using my nose, I’ve also understood the value of stating superiority. Or in other terms – express that you are a rich and successful person. It doesn’t really matter if you’re poor and if all your Louis Vuitton bags are faked ones, bought from a chinese dealer at the Izmailovsky market, because it still gives the impression of being expensive, if you see it from a distance. If you can’t afford diamonds, get plastic – it almost looks the same, and to rub strawberries to your teeth is actually the poor women’s way to bleech her teeth.
The economic and social gap between the rich and the poor (the happy and the looser ones) in Moscow is huge. That’s why it’s of such importance to clearly state that you belong to the successful group. If you have a problem determine how to do this, the simpliest way is to have a look at your self in the mirror. Usually objects that starts with C looks boho hippie (corduroy, cap, converse) and we don’t want that – throw it away. Instead find the beauty in furs, jewelries and an impregnable layer of make-up. The most obvious statement is to express that you have some connection to an oligarch. There are different kinds of earrings and necklaces with tiny containers of liquid oil but it also works to just walk around with a glass bottle of oil under your arm.

Charmed by this, I wanted to bring this social culture to Stockholm. So I made my self a nice sign to my office, in pure gold!