September 27, 2011

The Smell of Success

No one could possibly guess what turns the “In the Name of Dasha – Eau de Parfum” would take. Me and Andreas Båsk launched it as a well-composed sidekick to the “The Weeks of Dasha – The Book”, but the little sister had unexpected personality and ability to stand by her self. Today we see the round shaped little crystal bottle polishing its glass facade in front of the book, a surprising sight and definitely not accepted a month ago, in the producing process! “In the Name of Dasha – Eau de Parfum” loves the attention and are caressing herself with the compliments she is given.

The always so inspiring fashion magazine BON arranges a competition where you can win the Dasha-kit (book+dvd+perfume) and lovely Petra Tungården at Metro Mode asked for “In the Name of Dasha – Eau de Parfum” for a perfume shoot. We are also proud to see bloggers writing about it, as Elsa Billgren at Elle, a celebration in words!

The perfume is now out in stores, such as Aplace, Grandpa, and Nitty Gritty Dam.
In case you can’t go there, buy it here!