September 10, 2012

Working with Colin Nutley

It’s always an honour to work with experienced directors. They are usually easy-going and clear about their vision. This Friday I spent in Malmö (I’m still alive), on a five star hotel, together with senior director Colin Nutley. He wanted me to shoot parts of the project he’s working on right now, but I can’t really talk to much about it. I shot it on Sony F3 and with the Canon 30-300 mm zoom lens (crazy!). Colin was a very professional and inspiring man, and he seemed pleased with my effort!

I have to mark that it was a true pleasure to work with the rest of the team as well, lovely Fia Fång, and the hustlin’ Jesper van Dongen.

With us on set was one of the world’s most known person. I’m not sure that I can go down to details, but it’s definitely the most famous Swede. Maybe that will give you all a hint…